Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/23/11 Preview

Championship Week is finally here. 2 plays for us.

Packers -3. Hottest team left right now. They beat the Eagles in Philly, the Falcons in Atlanta and now people are doubting that they can win another road game in Chicago? We don't think so. GB wins by 4+ in our book and moves on to the Super Bowl.

Steelers -4 (No play. Just a lean). We can't see the Jets being able to move the ball on the Pittsburgh defense. The moneyline is probably the best play here since 4 points may be a lot in a game like this. We're not playing this game though. It's going to be too tough to call here.

Sabres -140. Buffalo got handled by the Islanders Friday night in Buffalo. We can't see them losing back to back games to a team like that. -140 is a good value in this spot.

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  1. are these soccer teams?
    sorry im from aus

  2. Sup Syracuse brah! I'm from cuse too. Do you even lift? Btw, followed and supported.

  3. Packers all the way baby! I like your blog, I'll be following.

  4. We'll see...Im keeping my mouth shut for the meantime :0

  5. we'll see

  6. Lold at do you even lift

    disable captcha Dan

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  9. Fuck yes the Packers.

  10. Great blog, following and supporting for sure :) Keep it up!

  11. Awesome blog! Keep it up! Centsports ahahah!

  12. go pack!